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Werx Cartridge Service

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Several years ago SR SUNTOUR started a project whose target was to include highly skilled sponsored athletes into all stages of the development process of new products. The WERX program was launched then as a long term project to improve the quality, function and performance of its products.

SR SUNTOUR North America has expanded this idea with a full menu of service options to keep your SR SUNTOUR products performing at their best. All services performed are backed for 90 days once delivered. 

Prices include labor and parts detailed in the service repair options. Additional parts may be required. Shipping charges are included in price for return shipping. Customer is responsible for the shipping to our facility

It is recommended to replace the oil in your cartridge every year or 100 hours of use approximately. 

After your order is placed, SR SUNTOUR North America will contact the customer within 1 business day to set up shipping instructions and a RMA (Return Authorization Number). PLEASE Do Not Ship Us Your Items Before We Contact You! Thanks in advance.

This service is for emulsion or PCS cartridges. 


  • Clean and inspect cartridge for wear/damage
  • Torque check on all fasteners
  • Check controls 
  • Replace worn/damaged small parts
  • Installation of premium Maxima Oil based on rider weight and terrain or based on  factory specification


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