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SR SUNTOUR is committed to providing its customers with the highest quality and best performing bicycle components.

SR SUNTOUR has become aware that non-genuine SR SUNTOUR products may be being sold by unauthorized third parties. These counterfeit products may be marked with the SR SUNTOUR name and/or logo, but they are not designed, manufactured or sold by SR SUNTOUR and do not have the same quality and performance characteristics of an actual SR SUNTOUR product.

These counterfeit products are not endorsed by SR SUNTOUR nor are they covered by any SR SUNTOUR warranty and will not be supported in any way. By using counterfeit SR SUNTOUR products there is a real risk of serious personal injury or even death.

Never purchase a SR SUNTOUR product from any entity other than SR SUNTOUR directly or an authorized SR SUNTOUR retailer. A list of authorized retailers can be found on our website at Effective immediately products sold through 3rd parties such as Amazon, eBay, Walmart or like, will not be covered or supported by SR Suntour North America unless sold through an authorized merchant. Never use any SR SUNTOUR product that has had its serial number scratched off, damaged, defaced or tampered with in any way. 

Once again, any and all non-genuine SR Suntour products are not covered by the SR SUNTOUR warranty. The terms and conditions of the SR SUNTOUR warranty can be found on our website at 

We value and appreciate your support of SR SUNTOUR and its products. If you have any questions, please contact us at or visit your local authorized SR SUNTOUR retailer.