SR SUNTOUR Upgrade Program

SR SUNTOUR North America Upgrade Program


2018 is here and summer is just around the corner. With the popularity and customer satisfaction, SR SUNTOUR North America is continuing the success of the Upgrade Program for another year. 

This program is designed to allow riders using less than ideal equipment to upgrade to a fork that will perform at a higher level than what they currently own and ride, and be purchased at a substantially discounted price from MAP.

The rules to apply are the same as they have been in the past. Applicants must be the original owner of the bike or fork that they are upgrading from. A valid proof of ownership must be submitted and we would require the serial number of any SR SUNTOUR fork. We will not require the serial number from a competitor's fork and we do not require the fork to be sent to us. 

Forks and the discounted prices are listed below. 

  • XCR LO 24 AIR $149.95 USD (Kid's 24" air fork)
  • XCR34 LO R AIR 15QLC 29/27.5+ $199.95 USD
  • RAIDON XC LO R AIR 26/27.5/29" $199.95 USD
  • RAIDON XC RL R AIR 27.5/29"$229.95 USD
  • EPIXON 9 LO R 27.5/29"$289.95 USD
  • EPIXON 9 RL R 27.5/29"$319.95 USD
  • RAIDON XC-LO-R 15QLC 29/27.5+ $249.95 - $299.95 USD
  • AION RC PCS 15QLC 29/27.5+$424.95 USD
  • AURON RC2 PCS 15QLC 29/27.5+ $524.95 USD
  • AURON RC2 PCS 15QLC 27.5-29" $524.95 USD


    To place your order, please submit an email with your required information and we will get back with you within 1 business day with a coupon code to use at the time of check out. Note that all orders with SR SUNTOUR North America ship for free domestically over $49.95. Shop Now →

    If you have any further questions feel free to email us or call us at 1-855-205-BIKE.