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Air Piston

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Unique composite construction

Specialty U-ring for durability and a long life span

U-ring shape seals air chamber

KCE80W recommended with air piston replacement or service

Not compatible with any EQ air spring system

See sizes below for model fitment 

  • Part FKE091-60 36mm MY2016-19 Durolux Boost
  • Part FKE091-20 35mm MY2011-15 Durolux35
  • Part FKE091-20 35mm MY2018-20 Aion/Auron/Zeron Boost35
  • Part FKE091-40 34mm MY2014-19 Auron/Aion34
  • Part FKE091-40 34mm MY2019 Mobie45
  • Part FKE091-40 34mm MY2018-21 Axon34
  • Part FKE091-25 34mm MY2018-21 Raidon34
  • Part FKE091-85 34mm MY2018-20 XCR34
  • Part FKE091-85 34mm MY2024 Mobie34 Boost (non-EQ)
  • Part FKA022-21 32mm MY2011-21 Raidon/Epixon/Axon
  • Part FKA022-10 32mm MY2014-21 XCR32 
  • Part FKA022-20 32mm MY2019-21 GVX32 Gravel
  • Part FKE091-15 28mm XCR/XCM/XCT Kids Air Forks

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