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Experience our premium level performance forks on your terms! DTYD gives you, the rider the chance to test ride our top level suspension technology right in your own back yard. 

There's no risk and it's completely free. With DTYD you get 3 weeks of saddle time with a fork or rear shock. 

The process is quick and easy. Simply add the item you want to demo in your cart and put down your deposit. SR SUNTOUR North America will then contact you with-in 1-2 business days to verify the product you have chosen is correctly set up for you and your bike. This program is only available for customers in USA.

The fork then ships direct to you. Installing the fork on your bike is easy as the steering tube is cut to 200mm with a start nut already in the fork. We provide extra headset spacers and tools to help make the installation as seamless as possible.

Once the DTYD fork is mounted on your trusty stead, you get to enjoy 3 weeks of sublime shredding on your local trails. After the 3 weeks are up, remove the fork and send it back with our prepaid shipping label. Simple and easy!

Deposits are issued with in 5-7 business days once the product is returned to our shipping and receiving department. 



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