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Every movement is based on two possible and very decisive factors. An inner or outer drive. For maximum efficient propulsion, both should merge and work synergistically in the same direction.

This is precisely the case with our HESC ATS drive system and results in a perfect interplay of human and electromechanical power! Based on the Active Torque Sensor System (ATS), it makes locomotion with a bike efficient, intuitive and high-performance.

Are you going on a long weekend excursion or simply going for a ride in the fresh air? Are you planning a tour of the mountains without a stop? Are you moving about town, on the way to work, running errands or meeting friends?

Whatever your plans, the ATS family supports you in all of your activities, whether it’s power you’re looking for or extreme comfort. Our freewheel design guarantees unlimited pleasure, pure freedom and a smooth ride!


Voltage 48.6V

500W Motor

Max Torque 80NM

12mm thru axle 157mm

8-9-10-11 speed compatible

Disc brake

Cooling fin design